SSMi - Wireless Communication

Traditional alarm systems rely on a standard phone line to link a home to the alarm company. These can be easily disabled by a burglar in about ten seconds with a cheap pair of wire cutters.


    Many consumers are dropping their traditional home telephone line and still have a need for alarm monitoring. The affordability of cell phone use has made this a popular action and SSMi has responded to the need for wireless monitoring solutions. The wireless communicator is programmed to test into the central station everyday and our service personnel monitor our customer base looking for that test signal.

It gives SSMi the advantage of being able to contact the customer if there is a potential problem with the unit not checking in. Normal phone line monitoring does not provide this option on every customer, only with specialized monitoring situations and generally at a much higher monitoring fee. Securecomm GPT & Securecomm GPI provides a backup battery in the event of power failure for continues operation.