Video Intervention Services
With SSMi video monitoring services, customers have the benefits of a security guard, without the personnel costs or scheduling logistics. SSMi Central Monitoring Station Operators can monitor your property with clarity and accuracy thanks to technological advancements in camera design and monitor quality. HD and megapixel enhanced cameras, along with zoom and panning features provide crisp, detailed coverage of your property and ensure nothing goes unnoticed. Additional services provided by SSMi include, alarm verification, alarm intervention, guard patrols, workplace compliance audit, remote video guard escort, monitored opening/closing, panic/suspicion assistance, interactive doorman and etc.

The Basics of How Alarm Verification and Intervention Services work.

Alarm Verification – is a virtual guard that checks out each alarm signal that your existing alarm panel detects. If the alarm ends up being false, the guard makes note on your account and closes the report. If the guard sees the cause of the alarm is an intruder, then the police are dispatched to a burglary in progress.

Alarm Intervention – is a virtual guard whose purpose is to intervene when an alarm trigger goes off. The alarm trigger alerts the guard that a person has breached a restricted area. The guard will then get on the intercom and make an announcement. Example, “You are in a restricted area, please leave immediately”. The intervention services can be customized on how to handle the security breach.

Guard Patrols – is a virtual guard that makes a video tour of your location on a pre-determined schedule to provide visual security checks for suspicious behavior.

Workplace Compliance Audit - is a scheduled check on an area, making note of the activities or areas of interest that the owner/manager wants to know about. For example: The owner/manager of a manufacturing plant wants to make sure that all of its workers are wearing their hard hats while they are working. If the audit finds someone does not have their hard hat on, the owner/manager would receive a report of the instance with an attached video clip.

Remote Video Guard Escort – is a virtual guard that keeps an eye on the safety of a person going from one destination to another. For example: walking a person to their car.

Monitored Openings/Closings - Many businesses like Jewelry Stores, Banks, Pawn Shops, Check Cashing, and others are required by insurance or by company policy to have two people present when opening or closing a store. SSMi Monitored Openings/Closings meets this requirement.

Panic/Suspicion Assistance Alarm – is a service where a virtual guard is on stand by waiting for the panic/suspicion alarm to be pushed. The guard will then check in to see what the problem is using the video cameras and two-way audio to assist.

Interactive Doorman – is a virtual guard who can check a person into a gated area or an un-manned lobby. The Doorman can check and record the person information, and if they meet the requirements of the customer, they can open a gate or door.

Lone Worker Assistance – is a virtual guard that will check on the worker at pre-determined times to ensure the lone worker is safe. A panic button (SSMi Panic/Suspicion Assistance) service is used if the lone worker feels threatened or needs assistance.

Remote Video Monitoring 24-7 – also commonly referred to as guard replacement we offer live video monitoring of location 24-7.