About Us

Security and Systems Monitoring, Inc. (SSMI), is a Cebu-based company established to provide specialized security & life-safety systems for residential, commercial and industrial establishments. The Company has been protecting families and businesses since 1996 and is serving more than 5000 clients all over the Philippines to date. SSMi offers round the clock 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring Service to our clients with our state of the art U.L. electronic monitoring equipments and alarm dispatch automation software used by over 2000 monitoring stations in the world including the banking industry, business sector and military. It’s not just about technology that makes us so reliable; we have some of the best people in the industry. Our operators are SIA certified as they pass the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) testing process. The monitoring station was built to UL specification where redundancies are in place for every system.

Within seconds of receiving a signal from a home or business, our cutting edge technology let our operators know our customer’s relevant information. They can deal with the situation quickly and effectively because they know:

 photo us_zps8a79fcd0.jpg
  • What type of emergency it is.
  • Which local authorities to dispatch
  • What to do if the customer is not available.
  • Whether there are family members with special needs or pets in the house.

SSMi can also provide monitoring for additional Life Safety devices such as smoke detectors and extreme temperature sensors so that our customers and Agencies can respond quickly and appropriately when something happens. Unlike other monitoring stations, SSMi will notify the customer of every alarm signal that the CMS will receive. We want the customer to know we’re looking out for them.

Our Vision

Every individual should live in an environment that is safe and secure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best installer and monitoring station of electronic life-safety and security systems by attending, on time, to our customer's requirements with the most innovative and cost-effective products of the highest quality and level of service.

Our Values

We will always:

- Adhere to the policy of continuous improvement of our service standards in serving our customers and lead the industry;
- Safeguard our reputation and image and manage our company with professionalism and efficiency at every level ;
- Respect each other's diversity and maintain the utmost trust and integrity in a workplace environment that fosters creativity and productivity; encourage personal initiatives and risk taking;
- Promote competence through organization-wide training in a learning environment that is open and where people feel free to ask questions;
- Meet commitments and objectives through teamwork, perseverance and ingenuity;
- Maintain the highest levels of honesty, integrity and fairness in all our dealings with associates, customers, suppliers or anyone we come in contact with;
- Adhere to industry standards, local regulations and participate in efforts for the betterment of the industry;
- Attain objectives, share in the rewards derived from our success, and provide shareholders with a return on investment that allows for future investments in the growth of the company;
- Participate in the all-important task of safety awareness programs of the community; and
- Cultivate strategic alliances and seek our opportunities that can enrich our knowledge and support our development.