Callisto Wireless Alarm Panel

An advance intelligence solution, that meets the requirements of more complex objects. The control panel feature extended functionality, which enables it to be used to implement access control systems or even smart building systems. CALLISTO is a perfect solution for any house, flat, office or service outlet and etc. It is easy to use, reliable and affordable in terms of price and operational costs.

Our panel support up to 3 keypads, so the alarm can be armed / disarmed from 3 different places. It is important especially in offices, service points where there are backdoors, single-family houses where you need to secure more than one door, e.g. balcony doors, garages and etc.

Our systems give you warranty of:

1. reliable data transmission (GPRS communicator integration), AES encryption
2. quick and easy configuration
3. customised solution
4. comfort and safety - arming / disarming the system or panic button by radio remote controller



ALERT VIEW APPLICATION (AVA) - is available in Google Playstore and Apple (App Store)

To manage all the features of our control panels we created ALERT VIEW, mobile application for Android and iOS. Communication with control panel is via SMS or GPRS through the server. With AlertView you can:

- arm / disarm each partition
- assign sensors and messages
- receive an alarm notification
- preview event history