Secure your Bussiness Now! Avail of SSMi's NO-CASH OUT (NCO) BASIC PACKAGE 


Your Business- your own company, whether earning thousands or millions is the product of your hard work. It is the rewarding result of the risks that you boldly undertook even when you did not know what the future holds for your enterprise. Now that it is big, It is no longer you and your family that relies on the security of your business but your employees as well. Choose on any of our basic package and click on submit button to contact SSMi.

Primary Components (Standard)
1 Control Panel - system processor
1 Keypad - user encoding pad
1 Siren - audio notification device
1 Back-up battery - standby power supply

(inclusive of 24/7 basic monitoring service)


• For pretermination, client shall pay the balance of the 36 months
• Advance (12) monthly PDC's due every 12th month of subscription
• Twelve (12) months manufacturer's warranty on equipment / six (6) months installation & batteries
• Php 600 / month Subscription Fee after 36 months
• For ADD-ONS, advance full payment
• Trip and Freight charges for the equipment under repair shall be for the account of client