Active Guard / Track



The first in the world real-time guard control system!

Active Guard / Track is the most advanced, first of its kind in the world, system for monitoring the time, place and results of the work of personnel. By combining benefits of GPRS communication and RFID reading Active Guard can be used as a guard tour system (Lone Worker Protection), a personnel protection system and a voice communications device. Active Guard ensures the ability to react immediately, which helps increase the safety and quality of work. It gives instant irregularity warning.

Designed for guard control, Active Guard is a highly flexible system and can be used also for other purposes, e.g. access control and identification, technical inspection monitoring, storage and rental systems monitoring, or maintenance systems.

How it works:Active Guard is the only device which needs a guardian to provide him with communication, security, and enable his superior control of the round. Intuitive operation provides three buttons:

Thanks to RFID reader Active Guard allows to control guard tours on basis of RFID tags placed on the round course. Monitoring software allows to establish timeframes for RFID tag reading. If no reading is recorded within specified time, the monitoring station notifies of irregularities.

PANIC button can be used in case of emergencies. When PANIC button is being pressed device send an emergency signal to the monitoring station to ask for help. It is possible to record the voice communication surrounding the device by the monitoring system communication and show the position of device if it is supported by GSM network.

Active Guard allows also for GSM two-way voice communication. CALL ME button allows to send signal via GPRS to monitoring station to ask for reply (when it’s pressed shortly) or to call directly to authorized number when it is pressed longer (i.e. police, fire station, supervisor, etc.). It is also possible to call the device from authorized number at any time.

Features and benefits of Active Guard device

  • - Remote configuration - comfortable maintenance and time saver
  • - Encryption of transmitted date - full safety of data transfer
  • - Increased event buffer capacity up to 1000 events - long lasting and easy device operation in areas with no GSM network coverage
  • - System event history - evidence up to 5000 events enabling to diagnose causes of possible problems
  • - Device status monitoring - diagnostic mode for person implementing system
  • - Increased sensitivity of RFID reader - better device usage comfort
  • - Circuit enabling testing if device was not exposed to strong electromagnetic field i.e microwave origin - lesser device breakdown, higher reliability due to increased anti-sabotage security
  • - MAN-DOWN function - notification of threats to the life of the user
  • - Power down by button combination - feature enables to switch off device in designated areas without necessity of housing opening
  • - Modern, 4 band modem u-blox - secure GSM connection
  • - Comfortable programming/debugging socket - easy and quick way for full device configuration using computer and cable
  • - Capability of adding a Bluetooth module- possibility to expand system by extra accessories (headset, GPS module)
  • New, more durable housing (silicone gaskets, more screws, additional shock absorbers)
  • Registered battery lid opening event after main battery discharge - increased anti-sabotage security

Benefits of using Active Guard

  • - Reduction of the equipment costs
  • - Increase physical security effectiveness
  • - Low cost of monitoring
  • - Easy implementation and use
  • - Quality improvement of supervisors work
  • - Higher prestige and competitiveness of modern equipment user
  • - Product is still developed what means that all eventual failures and defects are removed and new functions are added

Three in one – Panic button, RFID reader and voice communication device - makes, that worker can be equipped only in AG, without necessary of having eg. mobile phone (cost reduction)